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With the Fourth of July coming up, it’s important to modify your work hours. Make sure that your customers know when you will be in the office, and when you will be out of the office. You can use this website to check how your company is listed on other sites, and to double check that all your inf ...
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The phrase “above the scroll” stemmed from the phrase “above the fold”. Above the fold refers to putting the most attention-grabbing stories at the top of the page, and before the person had to literally unfold their newspaper. This ensured that people would be intrigued by the headline and ...
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When some people blog, they believe that the word count needs to be short, sweet, and 200 words maximum. However, shorter isn’t always sweeter.While shorter posts can be useful if you need to post something quickly, such as breaking news, or if you post frequently enough, such as one marketing ti ...
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