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This blog is Part II in our series on dissecting an email. As we stated in Part I: Subject Lines, we’ve found that not everyone knows all the pieces of a marketing email and how to optimize them for performance. So, Part II focuses on the preheader.The preheader, also known as a Johnson Box to som ...
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For H2H Consulting’s next Blog Series, we’re going to dissect an email, step by step. We’ve found that not everyone knows how to construct an email for performance. The first thing we’re going to talk about is the subject line.The subject line of email is, according to the English Cambridge ...
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What does it take to create an email campaign that is both effective at reaching and engaging your audience? You can boost the success of your email campaigns by using email segmentation.What’s Marketing Segmentation?Segmentation, in marketing terminology, is a way of dividing a market of p ...
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Buying Email Lists will be harmful to your business, read more:
Everyone wants to have a good amount of people in their email marketing list. Some people even resort to buying email lists in the hopes that they will have a better email open ratio or click ratio. However, at H2H Consulting we believe that buying email lists actually harms your business and here ...
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