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I’m sure you’ve all had an experience with an app on your smartphone or tablet and it is all messed up. I’m sure you felt either annoyed or upset that you couldn’t get the information or the product that you wanted.A mobile optimized website can be better than an app depending on how it work ...
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Would you click the link above? Why is that phrase the title of this post?  Well it’s because today we’re going to talk about your Call to Action (CTA) and why it’s important that you have one.A Call to Action prompts the reader to do something after reading or viewing your ad, blog, commerci ...
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If you’re looking for a dentist, mechanic, restaurant, or consultant where do you turn? Some turn to family or friends for a recommendation or look online at a company’s website, but the third most trusted form of advertising is online reviews.According to Local Consumer Review Survey done by Br ...
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