Would you click the link above? Why is that phrase the title of this post?  Well it’s because today we’re going to talk about your Call to Action (CTA) and why it’s important that you have one.

A Call to Action prompts the reader to do something after reading or viewing your ad, blog, commercial, etc. You don’t want the audience to forget what they’ve just seen, so your call to action tries to get an immediate response. These responses usually include “call now for…” or “to find out more…”. BusinessDictionary even believes that a “retail advertisement or commercial without a call-to-action is considered incomplete and ineffective.”

According to LoginRadius, having powerful CTA’s will capture your viewers’ attention and increase your interaction between your website, ad, blog, etc and your audience. They also say that things like email subscribers, sales, and people signing up for your site go up as well.

Another way to use CTA’s are on your social media sites. You can encourage your viewers and followers to connect with you personally via social media and other sites. A few ways you can connect with people through your Call to Action are on:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Directing them to your website
  • Signing up to receive your emails


CTA’s are important because they encourage the audience to connect with you directly. Once your audience knows how to reach you, they can get a better idea of what you do. For example, someone might see my ad pop up on their Facebook newsfeed, but they may forget about it if they scroll down. But if I have a Call to Action, they can be linked to my Facebook and see more about what services I offer.

The Call to Action is an important way to direct people to you, and letting them know that you want to connect with them as well. There are even some sites that can help you create your own CTA. The one we use the most is snip.ly, because it allows you to personalize your CTA by changing the type of message you have and the words itself. It also allows you to keep your information and CTA with content you are sharing on social media. (Note that there are paid and free versions with different levels of customization allowed.)

If you are having trouble coming up with your own Call to Action, check out this list, which features different examples from sites and some phrases that gathered a lot of responses.

  • “Learn More”
  • “Start Here”
  • Evernote’s “Remember Everything”
  • “Create Your Account”
  • “Save Your Seat” because it makes your event seem limited, and will make people feel like it’s more urgent and important that they have a spot
  • Netflix’s “Join Free for a Month” because there’s no pressure to continue to use this site if you don’t find it useful
  • “See You Soon!”
  • “Call us now” because it encourages an immediate response
  • “Visit our Website”
  • “Grab Yours Now ->” because the arrow points directly to the link and what the viewer is supposed to be paying attention to
  • IMPACT Branding & Design’s “What We Do”

You may notice that the majority start with a verb. Encourage Action with your CTA.