We tell our clients all the time that you can be different from your business on social media. This post highlights some dos and don’ts regarding your corporate page, but there are also things to keep in mind regarding your personal page too that we have noted.

While social media is a way to represent your business and yourself, there are a few etiquette rules when it comes to posting from your company’s account on social media.

Here are the “dos”:

  • Promote your business or yourself. If you’re looking for clients or a job, you should absolutely be putting yourself out there on social media sites, and talking about your accomplishments and obstacles that you have worked through.
  • Be inclusive. You never know who will be a future client, or people you could lose out on by being disrespectful.
  • Post frequently. You want people to know that you are staying up to date and are successfully managing your social media pages or sites (especially if you’re in the marketing or advertising profession).
  • And post content that is relevant to your business! If you’re in construction, you don’t need to retweet a post about a car dealership. Your customers are not on your page looking for a car, they’re looking for someone to redo their kitchen. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t go off topic just a little bit. If you are a real estate agent you can post design tips and if you are a consultant you can share about holidays and meaningful quotes.
  • Interact with your social media followers. Encourage customers to leave you a review, or like your Facebook page. Make sure you’re contacting with them as well, because then you can turn a one-time client into a frequent customer.


And here are the “don’ts” that apply to both your business and personal pages:

  • Be fake. People will be able to tell if your social media self varies dramatically from how you act in person. Keep in mind there’s a difference between being fake and being on your best behavior.
  • Talk about your personal life. Some of your clients will have different religious views, political affiliations, and some could be driven away if they disagree with your stance on these topics.
  • Degrade other people or businesses. There is a way to express your opinion while disagreeing with others, but you shouldn’t be downright mean. People will look down at you if you treat other people poorly online (plus it’s on the internet, so people will be able to see it and search for it forever). Just because you have an opinion, it doesn’t always need to be shared with the world and being a bully is not acceptable. I have been noticing more and more often on social media that people are just being mean and acting without all the information. That is not acceptable. Please think about how you would feel in the other person’s shoes before you post about someone.
  • Forget to edit and proofread before you post. One little spelling mistake could cause a whole lot of trouble. Plus, it makes you look unprofessional and sometimes unintelligent.
  • Share the same content over and over. if you’re only sharing the same post about how you’re selling an iPhone 5 and nothing about how you’re selling the new iPhone 6S, people will choose another business that does advertise about new products. Also, be sure to add value to your client base and not just talk about what you offer either. Adding value is why people will want to follow you.