The Rise of Social Media

Social media is still one of the fastest growing platforms to reach and connect with your audience. According to Smart Insights social media research in 2016, there are over 2.3 billion active social media users globally with a growth rate of 10% (or 219 million users each year). These are pretty impressive and overwhelming statistics when you consider the total number of internet users is 3.4 billion in 2016. This means nearly 70% of internet users are active on social media.

It is clear social media is an avenue that businesses should utilize to grow their business. Unfortunately, not every business meets their full potential using social media. Why? There can be various reasons for businesses failing on social media such as content that isn’t engaging, posting too little or too much, or treating the channel like a traditional marketing channel (for example, a magazine or newspaper ad). In general, social media is meant to be spontaneous, fun, and engaging with your audience. The goal is not to throw content at your audience with no response. You want your customers and clients engaged with and moved by your social media.

Arby’s New Social Media Direction

One way you can turn your businesses social media efforts around is by studying what is currently working in the marketplace. One fascinating story of reinvention is happening right now with Arby’s social media team. If you haven’t followed Arby’s on Facebook yet, we suggest you do. You will learn a lot about effective and engaging social media posts. Take a look below at these genius postings by Arby’s.

With the recent release of the movie Suicide Squad Arby’s did a post correlating with the release of the popular movie. The post simply draws a Suicide Squad logo in Arby’s sauce surrounded by slider sandwiches and says #SKWAD. The post received over 75K likes and 4,328 shares on the post at the time of this blog. More importantly than likes and shares, pay attention to what people are saying in the comments section.

Arby's Suicide Squad social media posting receives great praise from consumers.

Halee comments saying, “I will always support Arby’s even though I am not a huge fan of sandwiches and stuff. Why? Because their advertisement team is THE BEST EVER!”. Wait, did you catch that? She openly confesses and shares she will support Arby’s solely because of their creative advertisements. Now that might not translate into dollars directly from Halee, but when she shares and posts, it helps to reach her friends.

Arby’s continued their social media creativity this month with the latest Metroid post. Metroid, a popular game series created by Nintendo, celebrated its 30th anniversary in August. Arby’s took note of it and celebrated also with a special Metroid post. Notice how their advertisement uses all elements of the Arby’s meal and not just the food itself. They use the cardboard box to create the Metroid character and make it look like it is floating.

Arby's posts about Metroid and celebrates the 30th anniversary. Video game lovers enjoyed the post.

Arby’s let’s hang out soon. I miss you. You understand me.”- Tom

I only eat at Arby’s because of their social media page”- Jackson

Thanks for giving Metroid a mention! It’s a great game series with a passionate community. It celebrated its 30th anniversary this month too! #Metroid30”- Darren

Can we start a petition for Arby’s to be the internet’s favorite fast food restaurant? #1 among gamers and memers”- Justin

How Arby’s is Succeeding

  • They posted content specific to their target audience. Males and females from the ages of 18 to 35 approximately. This category is very influenced by things like nostalgic and current video games, comics, and movies. One might label the category as “gamers.”
  • They made their posts personal and relevant. What does this mean? Arby’s advertised their brand through the things their target audience truly cares about. They simply posted about things that their audience would find “fun” and “cool” or interesting to them specifically.
  • They take suggestions and value fan feedback. Many times the ideas for some of these creative video game themed Arby’s posts have come from the followers themselves. Arby’s has listened to fan feedback and created posts from their suggestions of what they would like to see Arby’s do. This makes the followers feel a part of the process and connected to the Arby’s brand.


It is important to look at the market around you and see what is being done. In the case for Arby’s they have received tremendous success with their new direction for social media. Followers of their pages are passionately engaged with the brand because of it.

H2H Consulting believes in the power of engaging and relevant content delivered through your social media channels. Whether you are completely new to using social media or simply need suggestions on how to improve your social media H2H can help you with some creative strategies.