Sandra Aboutaleb is a summer intern for H2H Consulting. She started working in May and willfinish in August. While working with H2H Consulting, she will be working on constructing emails and on whitepaper. She is mostly looking forward to working in the marketing field and picking up as much experience as possible.

Sandra used to work at Comerica Bank, which is where she met H2H Consulting Managing Director Kendra Corman. She says Kendra is a strong woman and inspires her through her dedication to providing the best possible experience for her clients and is very excited to be working with Kendra.

Sandra is currently at Oakland University, where she will be graduating in December 2018. She is majoring in Communication and is working towards a minor in Criminal Justice. After graduation, she plans to move to New York and work for an advertising agency in the city.

In her spare time, she enjoys dancing and street racing.