Kendra Corman is the Managing Director of H2H Consulting. She started the company in April of 2014. Her goal when she created H2H was to create strategic marketing plans that return on their investment for small to medium sized companies. She believes in integrated marketing communications, which is the application of consistent brand messaging across both traditional and non-traditional marketing channels and using different promotional methods to reinforce each other.

Before starting H2H, Kendra was the Marketing Director at Kaufman Financial Group, with responsibility of overseeing all marketing, advertising, and public relations activities including the product launch process and developing new email marketing strategies, agent incentive programs, and advertising campaigns. These were used to drive increased sales and market share. Prior to working at Kaufman, she was the global brand manager for Jeep at Chrysler LLC. She was responsible for directing and executing the print, television and online advertising programs to support the Jeep brand campaign as well as the new product launch of the Jeep Patriot and Jeep Liberty.

Kendra’s greatest strengths are her creativity, drive, and leadership. She thrives on challenges, particularly those that grow the company’s bottom line.

Kendra is currently Secretary for Michigan State University’s Executive Master of Business Administration Alumni Association, which is based in Troy.

Kendra holds a bachelor of arts degree from Pennsylvania State University, a masters in accounting from Oakland University, and an MBA from Michigan State University. She lives in Troy, Michigan with her husband.