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What makes good content?It can be difficult to tell.That is because good content has many variables. It is based on:The type of business you’re inThe demographics and audiences that your business is trying to attractThe platforms your business is onThe format of content you produce What const ...
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Some people enjoyed the close game between the Patriots and the Eagles.Some people tuned in for Justin Timberlake’s second time performing the Halftime Show.At H2H Consulting, we were most excited for Superbowl 52 because of the commercials.Prices for airtime continue to grow. According to CNBC, 3 ...
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The marketing planning process
The marketing process is essential to creating integrative marketing communications to achieve your goals. It has three main steps, but the short list is deceiving compared to the amount of time and energy you will invest to do it right.The three steps are:PlanningImplementationEvaluationThat’s a ...
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