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Joshlyn Robinson is an intern at H2H Consulting. She started working in March 2017. Her jobs include curating social media marketing and content, creating email newsletters, and writing blogs for H2H's various clients. She also works on public relations by writing press releases when necessary. ...
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At H2H Consulting, we have partnered with Constant Contact to enhance our clients’ email marketing efforts. Content can be challenging to develop, so Constant Contact has provided us with an infographic all about different topics you can use to spark your next email campaign idea. Between Father' ...
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This blog is Part VII and the final part in our series on dissecting an email. As we stated in Part I: Subject Lines, we’ve found that optimizing emails for performance is a little mystifying for some people. For this post, we are focusing on the email footer.There are two big things to know abou ...
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